Participatory Program and Employees’ Perception Towards Management Commitment in the Safety Management System

Saravanan Murugeson, Shankar Chelliah


The purpose of the study was to determine if a participatory ergonomics program have any effect on employees’ perception towards an organization’s safety management system. Two sample groups from a multinational company

based in Penang, Malaysia were selected. Participatory ergonomics program was introduced to the first group. The employees in this group were from a single department. This group was the experimental group. The other sample group comprised of those employees who were not engaged in the participatory ergonomics programs and they were from other various departments. This group is the control group. The program was carried out in the experiment group for five months and six months later the survey questionnaires were distributed to the employees in both groups. The survey questionnaires were distributed to each of the 238 employees in experimental group and another 240 questionnaires were distributed randomly to other employees in the control group. The study measured employees’ perception towards one of the safety management system components variables which was management commitment. The response rate from the experimental group was 83% while from the control group was 53%. The data were analyzed and showed that employees in the experiment group showed higher perception levels towards the all elements relevant to management commitment component compared to the employees in the control group conclusion drawn that the implementation of participatory ergonomics program have greater effects on employees’ perception towards the management commitment component in the safety management system. The significance of this study is to determine how senior managers’ and managers’ engagement in safety management programs could improve the employees’ perception towards their organization’s safety management system and improvised the effectiveness of the safety management system. The study will help both practitioners and academicians to place the importance of employees’ participation to achieve an effective safety management system.


Participation Management, Management Commitment, Safety Management System, Employees’ Perception

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