An Alternative Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model

M. Ali Hanafiah, Robert Goodwin


Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a relatively new topic in information system research. EA is divided into three sub areas, namely EA Frameworks, EA methodology and EA maturity. Many researchers have proposed several EA frameworks, such as the Zachman Framework [1], FEAF [2], TOGAF [3] and EA methodologies, such as Enterprise Architecture Planning [4], the Architecture Development Method [3], and the Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology [5]. Whilst these two sub areas of Enterprise Architecture have become more mature with various research results available, only limited research can be found on measuring the maturity of EA.

The research discussed in this paper has analysed some EA maturity models from different researchers which were developed for different purposes, i.e. use in the private sector, government, and university research. Each of these models has apparent strengths and weaknesses. This research uses a meta-synthesis approach to propose a novel and simple model to measure EA maturity. This model not only identifies the difference between each level, but also offers strategies to shift from one level to another, and can be used by new EA adopters.


Enterprise Architecture, EA, EA Maturity Model

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