Use of Technology in Audit Documentation – A Shift from Traditional to Best Practices in Pakistan

Fatima Anwar, Saira Anwar, Muhammad Waqar Khan


Currently in developing countries like Pakistan huge voluminous documentation is performed to keep the record. These all procedures are mostly done without application of Computer-Assisted Audit Tools and Techniques (CAATTs) or any custom made software. Some basic technology though is used by the auditors for communication, formulation of basic reports and working papers that include email clients and office suite.
This paper focuses on the use of technology in Auditing techniques with an emphasis on Documenting Audit Work. It thus identifies the audit procedures as adapted by firms, technological aspects that can robust the audit process, available CAATTs & other custom made software that can be adapted by the auditors for their benefit.

This paper conducts the survey from 100 Auditors working in various reputed firms of Pakistan. The data thus collected is presented to identify the current audit process, practices being used, currently adapted technology and further enhancements in technology auditors deem to use. This paper presents the comparison between the traditional practices with best practices used in documentation of audit work and advantages the use of technology will bring in the process of audit and enhancement in productivity of audits.

Keywords: Technology, Auditing, Audit documentation, CAATTs

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