Analysis of the Globalization Approaches of Leading Indian Corporate Groups and Linking it to their Financial Performance

S. Sriram, Tapan Panda


Many Indian corporates are increasingly globalizing their foot prints. Some of the large groups have made progress in their endeavor to globalize. This study is attempting to trace the globalisation approach and efforts of some of these leading Indian business groups and their impact on their performance. The globalization/internationalization efforts of these corporations while on one hand have increased their profile also have increased the risk associated with more volatile global markets. Globalisation has enabled these corporations to acquire best talent, resources and reach out /compete in the global markets successfully while enabling them the leverage the cost and other advantages that accrue being a Indian company. The study looks at historical data to track the internationalization and globalization efforts to their roots/genesis.

Keywords: Globalisation, Emerging economies, Core competency, M&A, Backward/forward integration.

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