Requirement Inventing and Verification Strategies for Small Scale Projects

Saira Anwar, Faizan Anwar, Umair Kardar


Software IT Projects regardless of their size demands for elicitation, documentation, verification and monitoring of software requirements. Academia teaches techniques for various phases of Requirement Management and considers them all as useful ways of requirement gathering. Software Industry though perceives things differently and performs requirements management of software projects they undertake with respect to its size and scale.

It is quiet an observation that various techniques are under consideration in all situations. Choice if made incorrectly can lead to failures and thus this decision is really an important aspect for the success of project that how requirements are gathered, documented and verified. Students generally rely on self assessment and observations, practitioner’s mixes observation with many other strategies. Students generally don’t like to document and verify, practitioners have to do it for the success of their projects. This variance can be due to time constraint, non understandability or many other factors
This paper is aimed to identify the requirement inventing and verification strategies for small scale projects, which can be equally, applied by computing students in their course projects of various courses and Industry practitioners in their small scale projects with advantages of less time consumption and also less effort.

This paper identifies the variance in perceptions of students and practitioners present their idea about the importance of requirements. The paper documents the results of interviews conducted on 20 students and 20 practitioners to gather their view point about the strategy which they follow if being put in a situation of small scale projects. The paper further filters that which techniques are generally not applicable in small scale projects.

Keywords: IT projects, Software, Requirements management, Small scale projects

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