New Product Development at Autometers Alliance Limited (AAL)

Bikramjit Rishi, Santanu Roy, Sanjeev Agrawal


Autometers Alliance Limited (AAL) is a premier railway equipment manufacturer in India. Since its inception in 1959, AAL is trying to adopt the latest technologies and has been constantly striving to use the best manufacturing practices to satisfy its customers. The case probes into AAL’s new product development strategy. This model is sought to be applied to all new products that are under different stages of development in the company. The work reported here focuses on a particular new product being conceptualized, developed and commercialized in the firm, namely, the Vigilance Control Device (VCD). The study lists the specificities of such an approach for developing the VCD. This brings out in sharp focus the importance of understanding the customer needs for conceptualizing a product, followed by planning and project execution and finally developing it for the market. The case study explores the significance of following a disciplined and structured approach for developing new products in a fast moving business environment. Further, issues related to the assessment and management of technology risks in new product development have also been analyzed.

Keywords: New product development, Case study, Design stages, Project execution

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