Metrics for e-Commerce Websites

Ahmad Ghandour


There has been little empirical investigation of a relationship between website usage (Web Metrics) and website content. The overall aim of the study reported in this article to build on empirical evidence about a relationship, by achieving new insights from New Zealand business culture. The key purpose of the present paper is to learn whether metrics measures are related to website functionalities attributes. An online survey was used to gather data from businesses that have an e-Commerce website. The results from this study indicate such relation exists with each metric is related to specific functions. For example, website stickiness is a measure of time spent by customers on the website, the findings pointed out that as a result of advertising promotions, visitors stay longer whenever there are new promotions. These indications prompt the seller to carefully monitor their website traffic for a possible downturn and remedy the situation prior to its occurrence.

Keywords: e-Commerce, Websites, e-Metrics, Performance

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