Positioning Cloud Computing as a Strategic Tool to Build Product Service Continuum

Easwar Krishna Iyer, Geetika Raichand, Riti Behal, Gautam Verma, Tapan Panda


Global markets have been veering from trading products to trading services in the last four decades. The trillion dollar global IT market is also moving along the product-service migration route. This paper positions Cloud Computing as a strategic tool for the IT industry to move further ahead in the Product-Service Continuum spectrum. In analogy terms, cloud is to computing industry what vehicle leasing is to auto industry. It brings in all the advantages of utilization without the associated strings of ownership. The switchover that cloud facilitates from buying ‘computers-the-product’ to ‘computing-the-service’ and the drivers that enable the same are mapped in this paper.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Product-service continuum, Factor analysis, Step-wise regression

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