A Study on Corporate Strategy Awareness and Employee Commitment for Organizational Success

Gehan D. Shanmuganathan


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to understand the influence of awareness of organizational strategy and commitment level of the employees for corporate success.
Design/methodology/approach: This quantitative study design intends to use one thousand three hundred (1300) sample units that will be drawn from all levels in organizations in collecting data for the final analysis. The intended sample frames are Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, Apparel Industry, and Financial Industry.

Findings: Findings will be reported in line with the outcome of the data based on a meta-analytic evaluation.

Theoretical Frame: This study focuses on key theories that underpins the phenomenon. These theories are Diffusion and Innovation (DOI), Social Exchange (SE), Economic Exchange Relationship (EER), Job Satisfaction (JS), Knowledge Sharing and Satisfaction (KSS), Employee Commitment (EC), Corporate Strategy Awareness of Employees’ (CSAOE), and Person-Organization Fit (P-O-F).

Research limitations: This study only surveys the awareness of organizational strategy and commitment level of the employees for corporate success using a cross sectional study and the concentration will be on limited theories as mentioned in the theoretical frame.

Practical implications: This study intends to provide, based on empirical evidence, the degree of the employee commitment under the circumstances of the level of corporate strategy awareness.

Originality/value: This study attempts to be the first to provide evidence on the underpinnings of the level of employees’ corporate strategy awareness and their respective commitment for organizational growth capitalizing on the research gap existing in the current body of literature.

Keywords: Employee commitment, Corporate strategy, Economic exchange, Job satisfaction, Knowledge sharing and satisfaction, Person-organization fit, Diffusion and innovation and Social exchange

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