Customer Relationship Management in the Mobile Industry of Pakistan

Najeha A. Bela


The research paper aims to describe the Customer Relationship Management practices in focus of customer loyalty in the mobile network industry of Pakistan. The industry has developed by many folds and every day a new challenge arises due to the presiding competition and numerous opportunities. To overcome this dynamic competition the study analyzes the factors that affect the customer loyalty and whereby the customer retention in the mobile network companies of Pakistan. The major concern for the network operators at the moment is not to attain new customers but to retain the old ones and develop loyalty factor among them. Therefore this study measures the customer loyalty with relation to customer retention that is customer retention is measured by the determinants of customer satisfaction. Two factors, customer satisfaction and customer retention, play vital role in the study to measure the customer loyalty focus in mobile network companies. Survey questionnaire was distributed to 390 respondents from all age and income groups with approximately equal representation of all five network operating companies in Pakistan, which are Mobilink GSM, Ufone, Telenor, Warid, and Zong. The results explained that the most significant determinants for overall customer loyalty are price value, call clarity, call connectivity and user-friendliness in the network companies. This study can be applied in any other growing and emerging service sector of Pakistan because CRM practice is most essential in order to manage good relationships with customers.

Keywords: Customer satisfaction, Customer retention, Customer equity, Mobile industry, Pakistan

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