Consumer Behavior in Shopping Mall

Rohit Krishna, Nitish Chandra, Rahul Mishra


This paper explores the interrelationship among some of the core consumer behavior variables relevant to in-store shopping behavior in a shopping mall. The relationship between three variables namely customer visit, time spent and purchase made were measured using observation methodology. The data was collected from 104 randomly selected customers to a prominent shopping mall in the city. In addition to examining the interrelationships among the core consumer behavior variables, the study also explores differences customer types (Couple, family, male, female, group of friends) and day of the week of visit (weekdays and weekends). Chi-square statistics was used to estimate the significance of the findings. Customers who make more visits to a store tend to spend less time and buy less. Significant differences were also found among types customer and day of visit.

Keywords: Shopping mall, Consumer behavior, Chi-square, Visit, Time and purchase, Observation

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