Empowering Ethnic Youth through Entrepreneurship: The Indian Experience

P. S. Tripathi, R. K. Pandey, S. K. Dubey, O. N. Mishra


This research study is motivated by the growing concern for associating the alienated ethnic population (tribals), especially the ethnic youth with the mainstream culture and the modern growth processes. India, housing a relatively young but huge population faces two very critical challenges. The first challenge is to provide productive livelihood opportunities to ever rising numbers with rising aspirations. The second challenge is to reduce the widening disparities in income and growth opportunities across the states, regions and the people. Since the youth are going to be the drivers of the development process, it is high time to ensure that they are equipped with appropriate skill-sets and resources to take-up gainful economic activities and thus contribute towards economic growth and development. The government as well as the organised sector together can create job opportunities far less than the demand; the only viable option left is to orient more and more youth into the fold of entrepreneurship.

Keywords: Ethnic youth, Entrepreneurship, Growth and development, Support system

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