Capacity Building for Sustainable Development: A Study in Public Procurement Sector of Bangladesh

Mohammad Abdul Mannan, Zahidul Islam


Capacity building is the vital requirement for development of all sectors of a developing country like Bangladesh. Developing countries utilize huge amount of their national budget in development projects through procurement of goods, works and services. For sustainable development, proper utilization of this huge amount of national budget must be ensured through establishing sound public procurement mechanism (SPPM). This paper presents a study in public procurement sector of Bangladesh and corresponding empirical outcomes with object oriented suggestions on capacity building for sustainable development in Bangladesh. Participant Observation Method, Case Study Method and Questionnaire techniques are used to collect primary data. Questionnaire comprising of 21 queries is administered among 60 respondents involved in public procurement. Author has been involved in public procurement as member(TEC/PEC) and consultant for the last nine years to study the system as a participant & case study observer. Secondary data is collected from related books, journals and documents of GoB. Empirical outcomes and object oriented suggestions are obtained through analysis of the data. Final outcomes are specific suggestions on capacity building for sustainable development in public procurement sector of Bangladesh.

PPM : : Public Procurement Mechanism
TEC: Tender Evaluation Committee
PEC: Proposal Evaluation Committee
PPPM: Poor Public Procurement Mechanism
SPPM: Sound Public Procurement Mechanism
PPR: Public Procurement Regulation
GoB: Government of Bangladesh

DPP: Detail Project Proposal
PD: Proposal Documents
TD: Tender Documents
PE: Procuring Entity
HOPE: Head of Procuring Entity
UG: Under Graduate
PG: Post Graduate

Keywords: Sound PPM: A public procurement mechanism which ensures transparent procurement process, best value for money, quality and standard of procured goods/works/services, accountability and strongly resist corruptions and misuse of national budget.

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