Analysis of the Convergence of Buyer and Seller Interests in e-Commerce Space

Easwar Krishna Iyer, Sach Sehgal, Deepak Raj, Kanika Saxena, Tapan Panda


The classic Kotlerian marketing mix of the right Product being available at the right Price in the right Place with the right Promotion is going through a paradigm shift. Each of the 4Ps of Kotler is undergoing a metamorphosis today. This paper focusses on Place, the 3rd P of Kotler. The paper analyses the convergence of buyer and seller interests in the nascent Indian e-commerce space in the backdrop of new age values, associations and expectations of today’s e-buyer.
The study aims at arming the e-commerce seller with information on the transitional buying behavior of the Indian e-buyer in the context of established product categories. Insights are also derived on consumer’s purchase drivers and hygiene factors that are expected from an e-portal. The paper concludes with the psychographic segmentation of the current Indian e-buyer. The vendor market could do well to integrate all this information to ensure higher finger-falls and thereby higher revenues.

Keywords: e-Commerce, Buyer-seller interest convergence, Transitional buying behavior, VALS framework

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