E Commerce and Women Empowerment: Challenge for Women-Owned Small Business in Developing Country

Dina Mellita, Widya Cholil


Gender and development do not establish within separate households and communities. In this circumstances, women in business acts as an essential player in the business world because of they can creating jobs, hope and opportunities in economics. Nowadays, the role of women entrepreneur or business women has become more significant than many areas of business. In increasing the economic growth of the country, it is important to analyze the opportunities and constrains to women’s development. As e commerce are emerging as powerful tool for gender empowerment. This paper conducted to describes the aspects and role of e commerce for gender empowerment in developing country. It also discusses the main challenge and obstacles faces by women, suggests practical strategies to address those challenges and goes on to suggest ways to improve the conditions leading to women’s empowerment. Within The access of women entrepreneur specially who owned small business scale in e commerce, it will bring new information resources and can open new communication channels for marginalized community. Instead of selling stuff online, e commerce using online resources and tools to do business more efficient and productive. Moreover, e commerce suits for any business due to it’s involve the whole business cycle from production, procurement, distribution, sales payment, fulfillment restocking and marketing. On the other hand, equitable access to ecommerce among women entrepreneur, therefore need some consideration from support services. In this area, empowering women through accessing women entrepreneur in e commerce need high-level training, gender analysis, planning, designing, implementation and monitoring assessment and paying attention the effect on women’s live and their conditions. For government, specifically play important rule in creating a favorable policy environment because they take lead role in the development and use of e commerce among women entrepreneur and become a leading-edge user of e commerce and its application for empowering women.Keywords: Commerce, Supply Chain Management (SCM),Women Empowerment

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