Visualization of Input-Output Table Analysis Using Extended Skyline Chart

Naoko Sakurai, Takeshi Fujiwara, Kousuke Yoshizawa, Shuhei Miyake, Zeyu Zheng, Xiang Gao, Kazuko Yamasaki


The Skyline Chart, designed by W.W. Leontief in 1963, has been made extensively use because of its abilities for analytical visualization of the feature, which includes the self-sufficiency and the supply/demand share of each industry among countries or certain area, over the industrial structure in economy. However, there exists some weak point of information derived from this original chart, though it is easy to understand because of its simple structure. The first step of conquest for the weakness is the revision of the original chart, which has following two improvements, named "Miyakawa’s skyline chart". One is the distinction of import and export, such as the separation of "imports for intermediate goods" and "imports for domestic demand". Next is the case of though there exists domestic demand, it cannot be drawn nothing on the chart. Miyakawa’s chart can represent the existence of domestic demand as a horizontal width. The second weakness of the original chart is that it is a little bit complicated when the industrial structure of plural area will be horizontally compared. In the case of analysis by traditional chart, it is necessary to compare one chart each. In order to overcome those weaknesses above, we have developed MDES (Multi-Dimensional Extended Skyline chart). Using MDES, it is possible to represent characteristic industrial structure of inter-region or inter-industry simultaneously on the only one chart. In addition, this chart can be applied to various kinds of department in analytical process because of its simple design. The potential for research extension will be made progress depending on MDES. To indicate the effect evidential, an example of the Asian International I-O Table analysis using MDES will be explained. As a new point of view example, an applied case of MDES to EF, Ecological Footprint, is introduced using I-O Table and other related data. The last one will contribute to the field of environmental economics.


Skyline Chart, MDES, I-O Table, Asian International I-O Table Analysis

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