Emerging Countries for the World: Bio-Food Security Through Technologies

Galym Issabayev, Alma Issabayeva


Increasing demand for bio-food gives a good chance for the emerging countries to focus on organic agriculture and deep processing of its products, contributing to the Global Bio-Food Security. The world’s market for bio-food is already exceeding $50 billion, and it grows for 15-20% annually.

The article describes the potential of emerging countries to actively participate in securing bio-food production for the world consumption, taking as an example Kazakhstan – the biggest country of Central Asia. Kazakhstan is well known as a grain producer, though the land and climate conditions along with the human resources allow to also grow variety of other agricultural products for export.

Kazakhstan, with its large territories good for organic agriculture, is eager to become one of the world’s centre for bio-food production. There is an urgent need (1) to adopt a proper legal basis for certification in accordance with the documents of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, and (2) to develop an infrastructure for production and processing of organic products. In this context, Dr. Galym Issabayev has proposed a concept of AGROPOLIS.

AGROPOLIS – is a new approach to utilize efficiently the natural and human resources towards Bio-Food Security at local and global levels. The idea is to create agropolises (polis – is a town in Greek language) in agricultural regions as centers for bio-food production. It is foreseen to introduce modern organic technologies for production, processing and deep processing of agricultural and cattle-breeding products. There will be also infrastructure for human resources development – proper living conditions and professional training. The agropolises are supposed to use "green" energy for at least 40-50% for technical and social needs.

Thus, the above would involve new features to the governance of territories and human resources management, as well as investment policy.


Keywords: Organic Agriculture, Bio-Food, Green Energy

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