Role of IT in Development of Business in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Galiya Mertai Kyzy Berdykulova, Gulnara Umitkul Kyzy Bektemyssova, Aigul Askarbek Kyzy Niyazgulova


This article is dedicated to the role of information technologies in business sector of the Kazakhstani economy. By usage of statistical data, a literature review, methods of marketing research the following investigations were done: analysis of economic and social indicators of Kazakhstan and Central Asia; the contribution of ICT to the world economy; performance of ICT in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. This part has revealed the leading position of Kazakhstan in accord with Human Development Index; rating of the world countries on level of ICT development; rating of development of e-government.

One part of research involves study of IT market and IT sector in Kazakhstan. Main task of IT sector of Kazakhstan is development of competitive export-oriented national sector of information and communication technologies. Information technologies in Kazakhstan for business sector are (1) the investment projects; (2) essential part of business; (3) one way to raise competitiveness. Kazakhstan’s IT sector lacks soft skills and formal qualifications. There are little IT innovations and IT graduates cover only 30–40% of Kazakhstan’s demand in qualitative sense. The ICT sector of Kazakhstan and Central Asia is one of the most attractive spheres in economy for internal and external investors. Development of telecommunication industry should cover the territorial advantage of the Republic of Kazakhstan for transit of the telecommunication traffic "Asia-Europe".

Central Asian countries could cooperate with Kazakhstan to develop their own IT and business services. Advantages: sufficient level of the skills of its user interface, designers and developers. Disadvantages: lack of public-private dialogue on the competencies required by the market; administrative barriers; slow speed of liberalization and taxation of foreign training firms.

The Kazakhstani ICT companies participate in the decision of important problems:

– Increase ICT share in GDP;

– Increase labor productivity in priority sectors of national economy by development of a modern telecommunication infrastructure and effective IT;

– Increase share of the innovative enterprises in total number of enterprises by development of telecommunication infrastructure not only for governmental bodies, financial and banking sphere, oil-gas industry but in other branches of national economy.


Keywords: Information Technologies, Business, Economy, IT-market, IT- sector

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