The Complex Network Study of Money and CO2 Emission Flows between Industrial Sectors in Asian Countries using Input-Output Table

Kazuko Yamasaki, Takeshi Fujiwara, Kousuke Yoshizawa, Shuhei Miyake, Zeyu Zheng, Xiang Gao, Naoko Sakurai


In 2011, earthquakes in Japan and flood in Thailand revealed the serious risks that local break downs of Motor vehicle sector and Electronic computing sector cause the cascade breakdown of world economy. To estimate such risks, it seems that the connections between international industrial sectors are important and recently developed complex networks method is suitable for this study. We use the data of the Input-Output table of Asian countries and USA made by JETRO in 1990, 1995 and 2000[1]. We regard the table as network matrix and make various directed weighted networks. In these networks, the nodes correspond to each industry sector in a country and the weight of the link corresponds to the amount of the money which uses the product of an industry sector as material to produce the product of another industry sector. We found how the economy of Asian countries has changed visually from 1990 to 2000. Main players in 1990 are Japan and USA and China appears in 1995. Main nodes which have heavy total weight of the links are Other service sector and Wholesale and retail trade sector in USA and Japan. We think cascade failure of the industry sector has deep connection with not only quantitative weights of the links but also network structure. So we calculate betweenness centrality of nodes using Dijkstra algorithm [2,3,4], which describes basically the number of paths through the node. We found the betweenness centrality is high in Motor vehicle sector, Electronic computing sector and Semiconductors and integrated circuits sector. Next we use CO2 emission data made by IEA [5] and make environmental extension of Input-Output table. Comparing money base networks, the weights of the links equally spread all countries and main node which has heavy total weight of the links is Electricity and gas sector.


Complex Networks,
CO2 Emission, Asian Countries, Input-Output Table

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