7Ps of Green Marketing as Factors Influencing Willingness to Buy Towards Environmentally Friendly Beauty Products

Heldira Larashati, Herry Hudrasyah, Novika Chandra


With society increasingly conscious to the environment, it affected consumers’ decision in choosing a product. For business producers, this phenomenon is seen as opportunities to attract consumers by implementing green values in the marketing process. In this research, the product discuss is environmental friendly beauty product. The 7Ps framework

of marketing that has been implemented in The Body Shop Indonesia modified with green values of producers may be a useful tool as consumers’ willingness to buy factors. Each elements of 7Ps green marketing are evaluated based on its importance and effect in willingness to buy for woman consumers in Indonesia. This study aims to determine which attributes of 7Ps green marketing that perceived as important and affect most Indonesian consumers’ willingness to buy for environmentally friendly beauty products (The Body Shop Indonesia) and also the relationship in between. This research is conducted by distributing questionnaires that was addressed to woman age between 19-27 years old and the data was analyzed using frequency and factor analysis, and MANCOVA. Results indicate that attribute in "People" dimension of 7Ps green marketing is considered as the most important and most affecting in consumers’ willingness to buy. It is also found that there is relationship between importance levels of each 7Ps dimension with its degree of influence towards willingness to buy. Furthermore, there is also relationship between consumers’ environmental knowledge with level of importance of each 7Ps green marketing dimension. The findings can be used as suggestion for managers and producers to generate the 7Ps green marketing strategy for their environmental friendly beauty products.


Willingness to Buy Factor, Green Marketing, 7Ps, Environmental Friendly Beauty Products

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