A Study of Perceptions of Customer Towards E-Banking Services in Thane City – Maharastra (India)

Pallavi A. Shah


Information Technology has shrunken the world, as a result of which, time and distance have become non-entities. It has enveloped every aspect of life. In this changing scenario, the banking sector is not an exception. The concept of banking has drastically changed, where technology is the most dominating factor which has helped the banks to provide innovative products.

Objectives: To study and analyze the customers’ perceptions, the problems faced by bank customers and strategies to enhance E-banking services.

Hypothesis: "The e-banking customers in India are satisfied with the current levels of e-banking services offered by banks in India".

Research methodology:  The present study is empirical in natured based on primary data. To collect primary data, a well-structured interview schedule was constructed with both open-ended and close-ended questions. Using the interview schedule a survey was conducted in Thane city among 300 customers of bank. Data was collected in 2011.  

Tools used: Data was analyzed by applying various statistical tools such as Mean, Median, Averages and Test and Micro Soft excel software were used for data analysis. 

Conclusion: The present study concludes that all banks-whether it is public sector, private sector or foreign Banks are providing e-banking services. Also, customers have become more demanding with the passage of time. They prefer to avail e-banking services, but at the same time, they face many problems while using these e-channels due to which they are unable to take full advantage of these services. On the basis of the above analysis and observations, the paper suggests some strategies to eradicate these problems.

Strategies: 1. Customer Education, 2. Seminars/Customer Meetings, 3. Proper Network & Infrastructure Facilities, 4. ATM Machines Installed at Suitable Locations, 5. Trained Staff, 6. Online Shopping Facilities.



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