Medical Tourism Research: The Direction for Future Researchers

Shankar Chelliah, Thilagavathi Krishnan, Saravanan M.


Medical tourism is developing a new dimension in Malaysian healthcare system and its diversifying the national economy. In order to be competitive in this emerging industry, Malaysia needs to identify and implement competitive strategies based on the needs of medical tourists globally and the availability of its resources in the country. Literature review shows the study on medical tourism is focusing on wide variety of issues ranging from cost, promotion, barriers and cultural aspects. This conceptual paper would like to propose the extension of Porter model and Peng Y model of internationalization in medical tourism research. Porter model usually used in manufacturing and service oriented research. Whereas Peng Y model usually used in the international business studies. As medical tourism is moving forward to be a competitive industry and it is happening globally, it is wise to extend or associate those two models in the medical tourism research. Therefore, this paper is focused on competitive strategies, institutional based strategies, industry based strategies and resource based strategies that the health care centers need to adopt based on the both models. A theoretical framework is proposed to research emphasizing on the above four strategies in medical tourism.


Medical Tourism, Competitive Strategies, Customer Satisfaction


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