The Integrated Marketing Communication Analysis of Siete Café and its Correlation Toward Customer’s Willingness to Buy

Adryan Hafizh


This paper try to reveal the role of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) in attracting target customer and

measuring the its effect to customer’s willingness to buy in order to find out the most effective way in attracting young people into a café/restaurant that has become a business trend in Bandung. IMC is a concept of integration of all marketing tools, approaches, and resources within a company which maximizes impact on customer mind and which results into maximum profit at minimum cost. The author take an explorative and descriptive study to measure the IMC of Siete Café which consist of: radio promotion; discount coupon; event marketing; and social media; and how it affect the customer’s willingness to buy. The finding was that the IMC of Siete Café has a significant role in affecting customer’s willingness to buy. From 4 marketing activities, event marketing has the biggest correlation in influencing customer’s willingness. These finding also reveal that despite the increasing use of technology and social media in marketing these past recent years, it still can’t replace the effectiveness of direct-contact between the customer and the café. The physical experience during the event marketing is proved to have the biggest correlation with customer’s willingness to buy.


Marketing, IMC, Willingness to Buy, Café Business

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