Influence of Websites on Consumer Reaction and Internet Advertising in Pakistan

Samia Najeeb, Gulfam Khalid


This work examines how websites influence consumer response and the role of internet advertising in the realm of

marketing. This research is inspired by the work already done in the US by Goldsmith and Barbara A. Lafferty and implements their methodology focusing on Pakistani consumers. It is emphasizing the impact of internet advertising on consumers’ behaviour. 83 technology savvy students participated in the survey conducted for the purpose of this study. The results show that majority of consumers are attracted to the web advertisements rather than being detracted. Consumers like to utilize internet for shopping intent and leisure activities. People with positive inclination towards the internet advertisements see lesser disadvantages and more advantages of using the internet for shopping drive. The study highlights television as the most influential advertising medium as compared to the internet. It serves the purpose of brand recall, web responses of the consumers and as they perceives the benefits and the drawbacks. A parallel study is also drawn with accordance to the study conducted by Goldsmith and Lafferty.


Internet Advertising, Consumer Attitude, Website, Brand Recall

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