Digital Strategy and Digital Media: The Case of Facebook in Egypt

Mona Badran


Facebook as a social network has turned out to be the largest social network in the world with a population of more

than five hundred million users in only six years. This research explains the business strategies and marketing tools that Facebook used in order to achieve this popularity and position as well as examining how they are applied in certain markets such as the Egyptian society.

The purpose of this study is achieved through answering its main research question, which is how has Facebook

evolved from a limited American social networking site into a globally successful marketing corporation whose economic value rivals that of other major multinationals.

This research discusses features of social networks, then the evolution of digital media, and how the online social networks altered the nature of web communities through adding a layer of relationships and identity. Then the researcher

discusses Facebook, which is a social network that has started in the United States as a method of allowing college students stay in touch after leaving campus and since then evolved to be the largest social network worldwide. The researcher investigates how Facebook is identified as a method of marketing products and how has it reached all this business success in a few years.

According to the objective of the study, the two main research methods that apply for this research are first the focus groups research technique and the second is intensive interviews research technique. Results have shown how the business strategies of Facebook are applied successfully to reach its targets. Also, the results of the applied research methodology have shown the relation between Facebook as a social network and the Egyptian youth.




Digital Strategy, Digital Media, Facebook and Egyptian Youth

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