Cause Related Marketing: A Study on Skepticism and Attitude

Kota Neela Mani Kanta, D. V. Ramana, Godina Krishna Mohan


The study investigates, the repetition of cause related marketing claim will increase the familiarity, Increased familiarity will reduce the skepticism towards CRM campaign in youth and reduced skepticism towards the CRM claim can have positive attitude towards the company product/ Brand. The study is also seeks insights into the moderation effect of skepticism of advertisements on the relationship between the familiarity, skepticism of Cause related marketing claims in youth. The study hasn’t considered the thoughts and emotions of the claim in the advertisement. The study didn’t include the other variables which could reduce the skepticism of the cause related marketing. The study has given some serious insights that repetition of the claim will increase the familiarity, awareness, believability and credibility and therefore decreases the skepticism towards the CRM claim.

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