Information Strategy in Oil and Gas

Hicham Hebaichi


In an information growing environment, it is necessary to review IT position in upstream Oil and Gas and assess ways to move its current position as service provider and business enabler into a value creator with business insight. Having matured in many business areas, IT’s strong focus in the core business of exploration and production should provide a full IT and business partnership. This can only be realized if IT becomes involved in the optimization process

of Information Management leading to meeting the compaies’ objectives to enhanced oil recovery, optimise fields operations and introduce risk management. IT must empower the decision making process by being an active player in the core automation following an enterprise architecture that integrates processes, technology and people. In the short term IT should develop a comprehensive strategy approach as an integrated part of the business planning process with investments measured against a predefined set of performance criteria. Additionally, the divisional business units should work with IT teams in close partnership to proactively align the diversified applications to reach a recognized standard.

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