Mobile Business Intelligence: Intelligence at the Fingertips

Sireesha Pulipati


Mobile gadgets, especially smart phones and tablets, with their sophisticated features enable users to connect to the company database or data warehouse and retrieve required information instantaneously leading to better and successful business transactions. This process of generating, obtaining and processing business intelligence on the go is loosely termed as Mobile Business Intelligence (MBI). It frees users from the obligation of being at their desks in order to receive and interact with the business information. Besides pushing snippets of data periodically to the users, MBI also involves active retrieval of the required data by the executives. Custom-made analytic applications for mobile devices enable users to perform analytics and make effective decisions. This promotes fact-based decision making at every level thus making an organization agile at its very essence. The paper delves into the what, who, why, and how of MBI. The paper also attempts to identify various issues and challenges inherent to MBI implementation. The implications and concerns

of MBI for Indian companies are identified through consolidating expert opinion. Best practices and future directions are provided.


Mobile, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Decision-Making

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