Contribution of Ancient Indian Ethos in Developing Global Mindset in Leadership and Management

Narendra Y. Phadnis


Ancient Indian Ethos has potential to make significant contribution in developing global mindset in business leadership and business management. This conceptual cum theme paper focuses on the doctrines and ideas from the ancient Indian scriptures like Vedanta, Bhagavad Gita, Kautilya’s Arthashastra etc which are relevant to global mindset development with specific reference to business leadership and management. These ancient Indian scriptures apart from philosophy & spirituality deals with topics like leadership, teambuilding, motivation, emotional intelligence, mind management, organizational skills, Administration and strategic approaches to management like decision making and problem solving etc which will be useful to modern business leaders & managers in managing their businesses as well as in their personal and social life. The ideas presented in these scriptures also have global perspective and relevance.

The paper attempts to connect the concepts and ideology of these old Indian scriptures with contemporary management principles and practices and to suggest handy tips and techniques to business leaders and managers for efficiently managing their organizations and also focusing on their personal effectiveness. The ideas presented and the tips recommended are multidimensional in nature & aims at interface between multiple aspects of Business Management in general & Human Resource Management in particular. The paper is aptly relevant to the conference theme and would qualify for inclusion under the topics: Human Capital Management & Leadership, Business Ethics, Organizational Behavior, Strategic, Innovations & Knowledge Management and Human Resource Management & related areas.


Ancient Indian Ethos, Global Mindset, Business Leadership, Business Management, Business Ethics

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