The Effects of Competitive Climate on Employee’s Well-being: The Mediating Role of Psychology Capital

Shu-Ling Chen, Ya-Jen Cheng


Employee’s well-being is the issue in this study. Using a sample of 156 groups and 684 employees, this research framework tried to explore the relationships of competitive climate, psychology capital (self-efficacy, hope, optimism, resiliency), and well-being (positive well-being; PWB). With literature review, the hypotheses of the relationship developed among competitive climate, psychology capital, and well-being. Hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) results would be used to test our hypotheses. This study expect the results that competitive climate would be perceived with psychology capital, and understand the mechanism procedure how competitive climate effect employee’s well-being. This study would also discuss implications of further finding, limitations, and suggestions for future research.


Competitive Climate, Psychology Capital, Well-Being, HLM

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