The Influence of Job Involvement on In-role Performance, Using Three Dimensional Commitment as Mediator

Talat Islam, Muhammad Aamir, Saif ur Rehman Khan, Muhammad Farooq Rehan


Most of the studies on job involvement and in-role job performance have received limited support. This paper explores the same relationship with the mediation effect of organizational commitment along with its dimensions in the educational sector of Pakistan. The findings confirmed that there is weak relationship between job involvement and performance that could be enhanced through organizational commitment. As far as concern with the dimensions of organizational commitment, affective commitment and normative commitment perform the role of mediator to enhance this relationship but continuance commitment is not a mediator between them because it has no relationship with the performance.


Job Involvement, In-role Job Performance, Organizational Commitment, Affective Commitment, Normative Commitment, Continuance Commitment

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