Vol 2 (2013)

Proceedings of International Conference on Business Management & IS

Table of Contents


Economic Crisis and Business Enterprises: Analyzing Egypt’s Economic Status Between 2011 and 2013: A Comparative Study PDF
Mona Badran
Use of Technology in Audit Documentation – A Shift from Traditional to Best Practices in Pakistan PDF
Fatima Anwar, Saira Anwar, Muhammad Waqar Khan
An Analysis of the Myth of Economic Growth in India with Special Reference to Human Development PDF
Mridul Dharwal, K. R. Gola, Ankur Agarwal, Somboon Panyakom
Competitive Advantage through Mergers and Acquisitions for Indian Pharmaceutical Companies PDF
Tapan K. Panda, S. Sriram
Analysis of the Globalization Approaches of Leading Indian Corporate Groups and Linking it to their Financial Performance PDF
S. Sriram, Tapan Panda
Requirement Inventing and Verification Strategies for Small Scale Projects PDF
Saira Anwar, Faizan Anwar, Umair Kardar
A Game Theoretic Approach for Exploring Feasibility of Buyer-Supplier Co-operation PDF
T. A. S. Vijayaraghavan, Sumit Sarkar, Arijit Mitra
New Product Development at Autometers Alliance Limited (AAL) PDF
Bikramjit Rishi, Santanu Roy, Sanjeev Agrawal
Social Business Intelligence: Leveraging Web 2.0 and Social Media for Effective Decision-Making PDF
Sireesha Pulipati
A Framework for Cloud Computing Adoption in South African Government: A Case of Department of Social Development PDF
Simon Motlatsi Maluleka, Nkqubela Ruxwana
Analysis of Datacenter Ecosystems for Green IT Implementation using Cloud Computing PDF
Easwar Krishna Iyer, Sajal Mehrotra, Anubha Sharma, Bhavana Rao
ERP Strategy for Developing Information System Cross-Functional Integration PDF
Redouane EL Amrani
Metrics for e-Commerce Websites PDF
Ahmad Ghandour
Positioning Cloud Computing as a Strategic Tool to Build Product Service Continuum PDF
Easwar Krishna Iyer, Geetika Raichand, Riti Behal, Gautam Verma, Tapan Panda
Computer-aided Financial Fraud Detection: Promise and Applicability in Monitoring Financial Transaction Fraud PDF
Georgios Samakovitis, Stelios Kapetanakis
Analysis of the Convergence of Buyer and Seller Interests in e-Commerce Space
Easwar Krishna Iyer, Sach Sehgal, Deepak Raj, Kanika Saxena, Tapan Panda
Big Data Analytics for Customer Management in Malls and Supermarkets PDF
Kumar Prasoon, Ali Zalzala
Measurement of Tact Necessary to Prevent Industrial Disputes Leading to Loss of Productivity with Reference to Industries in South Bengal PDF
Devapriya Chatterjee
The Business Imperative of Gender Inclusivity: Barriers and Bridges PDF
Sahana Madan
A Comparative Study on the Role of Emotional Intelligence in Managing the Perceived Stress of Bank Employees PDF
Yogamaya Panda, S. K. Moharana
Work Stress in the Food Chain Industry PDF
Shahmir Hamza Ahmed, Hasan Shahzad, Muhammad Nouman Azmat, Shahzeb Afridi
Greenwashing: Overview and Insights on Addressing Greenwash PDF
Kranti Chintakunta
Interactive Effect of Organizational Cynicism and Interpersonal Mistreatment on Turnover Intentions PDF
Samia Ayyub, Asif Awan, M. Bilal
A Study on Corporate Strategy Awareness and Employee Commitment for Organizational Success PDF
Gehan D. Shanmuganathan
Determinants of Consumer Decisions of Urban Pakistani Women for International and Local Fashion Accessories: A Cross-Sectional Study PDF
Sana Sadiq
Customer Relationship Management in the Mobile Industry of Pakistan PDF
Najeha A. Bela
Consumer Behavior in Shopping Mall PDF
Rohit Krishna, Nitish Chandra, Rahul Mishra
Common Creative Personality Traits PDF
S. K. Dubey, P. S. Tripathi, R. K. Pandey
Empowering Ethnic Youth through Entrepreneurship: The Indian Experience PDF
P. S. Tripathi, R. K. Pandey, S. K. Dubey, O. N. Mishra
Capacity Building for Sustainable Development: A Study in Public Procurement Sector of Bangladesh PDF
Mohammad Abdul Mannan, Zahidul Islam
Critical Investments in Africa: Beyond Poverty Alleviation PDF
Tapan K. Panda
Capital Budgeting – Decision Making Practices in Pakistan PDF
H. Jamal Zubairi
Analysis of the Convergence of Buyer and Seller Interests in e-Commerce Space PDF
Easwar Krishna Iyer, Sach Sehgal, Deepak Raj, Kanika Saxena, Tapan Panda

ISSN: ISSN 2164-263X