Karimnagar Cattle Breeders Welfare Association an Integrated Approach for Long Term Sustainability: A case study

B. Shivarudrappa, S. Gopal Reddy, Jyoti Sahare, P. G. Patil


According to Jain (2009), inclusive growth is a clarion call for action restricted not only government, but also for the private sector, and people to join hands, identifies practical solutions and grows together. Considering this fact, this case study presenting a unique experimented convergence model of public-private partnership through integrated approach for sustainable growth in dairy at Karimnagar district, where livestock accounts for a larger share of district economy than food grains. Livestock production is one of the important sources of livelihood of farmers in India. The increasing contribution of livestock, especially in the semi-arid and arid regions of India where crop husbandry has limited possibility and in poverty reduction is very well recognized. The production systems are still largely dominated by rural based, crop-livestock integrated, smallholder, mixed farming systems that are ecologically sustainable. Unfortunately the condition of dairy sector in India is not healthy. Majority of the rural households maintain cattle in traditional way in order to cultivate their land and also produce milk for family consumption. Keeping in view, BIRD-AP has developed no. of models of Public-Private Partnership for improving the livelihood of rural poor. The Karimnagar Cattle Breeders Welfare Association (KCBWA) is one of the unique model has played important role in enhancing milk production thus improving the milk procurement and marketing throughout the district. The AI centers established for technical services like Artificial Insemination (A.I.), animal health services, fodder development and clean milk production to the dairy farmers of Karimnagar milk union are working very well under the supervision of KCBWA. The programme has attained break even long back and the services provided for breeding, extension and marketing are self sustained.

Keyword: Inclusive growth, Sustainable development, Public Private Partnership, milk union.AI, PD.

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