Women self help group (SHG) federations; A tool for sustainable positive social transformations of Women



SHGs occupy a crucial role in the process of women-empowerment and has crossed several milestones with enduring positive results. It has been widely felt that there are certain areas where SHGs have limitations. There are certain areas where SHGs need wider support for the sustainable development such as: Lobbying with the govt. and other institutions, Crisis resolution, Marketing and bargaining power, Establishing sustainable linkages with local and other institutions, Expressing solidarity and mobilizing collective action on social issues (Child labor, female infanticide, illicit liquor, violence against women, etc.) and Support for weaker SHGs.

This paper try to inquire the positive social transformation of rural women through SHG federations and to know the process of positive transformation to Sustainable development of women and their communities. This qualitative inquiry has been done in oprational area's of BLESS organisation in Cuddalore old town and parnkipettai blocks of cuddalore disrict, Tamil Nadu with help of semi-structure interview schedules to the Focus group discussion and one to one interview with Federation representatives at their respective areas.

The study found some of the interesting facts and factors which leading them into positive social transformations such as 1) Access and Control of Local Resources 2) Protecting Environment 3) Controlling Social Evils 4) Upholders of Women Rights 5) Political Participation 6) Community Development initiatives in the villages and also based on the results of the inquiry researchers has put-forth some of the suggestions to effective implementation of SHG federations in Tamil Nadu and other parts of our nation which will leads to the women led-transformations.


Women, Sustainable, Social, transformations and federations

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