Does education help in the Empowerment of Women to mitigate the horrors of dowry in a District of Gurdaspur, Punjab, India? Reflection on a Survey of Women

Kavita Rohewal


This article aims to explore the impact of education in the empowerment of women in the district of Gurdaspur, Punjab, India. In an in-depth survey including thirty villages, the article attempts to find out the condition of women, thoughts towards girls‟ education in society and problems hold back the education of women. The article also draw attention to that educated and economically empowered women are against the practice of dowry thus directly bearing the fruit of economic empowerment in society of Gurdaspur district of Punjab. Finally some recommendation has been recommended to stamp out the practice of intra-household and social discrimination of girl child and women. It was found that from the survey that education is indicator of empowerment which mitigates the horrors of dowry.

Key words: Education, women, education, empowerment, dowry, survey.

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