Landscape management in drought prone and high rainfall areas - Two case studies

Gunwant Mahajan, Gurudas Nulkar, Dr. Swati Gole


In the last two decades there has been substantial research and discussions on the use of a landscape approach to management of natural resources. While the landscape approach has tremendous potential for regeneration and sustainability of natural resources, it has not been a preferred choice for our ecologist and policy makers. Ecological Society has published several articles on the holistic approach to conservation, which have been widely acclaimed. This paper discusses how we can restore the health of our natural resources and raise the standard of living of locals based on these resources. Two restoration case studies by The Ecological Society are discussed for this purpose. The objective of these restoration programs was to restore, natural resources, livelihoods and habitats for non-humans beings by a holistic approach to landscape.

Keywords: landscape management, ecology, restoration, case study, sustainable practices, conservation

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