A study on eco-friendly purchase behavior with special reference to Fab India

Susan Mathew, Vinod R R


The earth*s physical & biological systems came under great strain leading to a large number of environmental problems like global warming, stress & damage on bio-diversity. The market place

Key Words:- Green Purchase Behavior, Social Influence, Consumer preference,Skepticism, Man-nature, Self image. 

is greener now than ever before and will become even more responsive to products and services promising environmentally responsibility well into the 21st century. The most important role that individuals play is not simply reducing their own environmental impacts but building support for leadership from government and business. The growing number of organizations entering the green product market also indicates the need for suitable segmentation and positioning strategies. One such company is Fab India & through this paper we try to assess the consumer*s purchase behavior of Fab India Products. The results showed that "Social Influence" & "age" are the two dimensions that influence the green purchase behavior of Fab India products from this study.

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