Stakeholder’s inclusiveness – an imperative for sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility

Mrs. Geetanjali Pitre


Corporate Social Responsibility is about the concern, care and the commitment of the business organizations towards the stake holders. Good CSR activity increases self reliance. It results in capacity building for sustenance among beneficiaries & results in inclusive growth of stakeholders. The comprehensive planning and complete involvement of the stakeholders at all the stages; ensures self sustainable CSR.

Mahindra Auto sector, during its CSR journey, has implemented a very significant CSR of improving green cover, namely "Mahindra Hariyali." This has become the bench mark in stakeholder inclusiveness for sustainable development.

The author has studied this Sustainable CSR. The research paper will act as a reference document for all the new generation CSR champions who want to make a lasting and sustainable impact of their initiatives.

Keywords- Stakeholders, Stakeholders inclusiveness, Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility

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