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"We do not have a freehold on the earth, only a full repairing lease" - Margaret Thatcher, 1988

Climate change is one severe challenge that world is facing now a days. Human life depends on other species for food, shelter, air, plant pollination, waste assimilation and other environmental support services. Protecting human life is directly related to protection of environment. Frequent changes in climatic conditions are creating uncertain environment among people. Human development and welfare are impossible without protection of natural resource and natural environment. In India, large rural population heavily depends on environment for sensitive sectors like agriculture, fisheries and forests. As the awareness about environment protection is rising all over the world and every country is trying to take part in it, India also contributed by making it a part of constitution under Article 48 A, 51 A (g) etc…But is it enough? Or we really need to find other ways to meet with this problem. In this paper an attempt has been made to highlight the relationship between environment and development, challenges ahead, and solutions that can help us to use natural resources for longer period of time.

Keywords: Climate change, Environment, Human development, India,

Renewable energy, Natural resources.

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