Kalamvihira Sacred grove–a potential tree growth for carbon sequestration in Jawhartaluka of Thane district

Shruti Kulkarni, Bharat Bhosale, D. K. Kulkarni


Sacred groves, locally called Devache ban or Devachirai, are the virgin forest patches preserved on religious ground. These forest patches are example of traditional bio-diversity conservation methods since ancient time. So far, such patches were studied from ecological, environmental and floristic view point by several scientists. Being well protected, these are contributing towards carbon sequestration. However, these well protected sacred groves were so far overlooked from carbon sequestration viewpoint. Estimates of carbon stocks and stock changes in tree biomass are necessary for reporting to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and will be required for Kyoto Protocol reporting. The objective of present paper was to estimate carbon sequestration of tree species biomass in Kalamvihira (a sacred grove) at village Kalamvihri in Jawhar Tehsil of Thane District. Trees in sacred groves serve a variety of ecosystem functions including biodiversity conservations, removal of atmospheric pollutants, oxygen generation, microclimate regulation, stabilization of soil, ground water recharge, prevention of soil erosion and carbon sequestration. Forest based mitigation will not only help in CO2 reduction but will help in many other ways to support other ecological services. India has been known as the second contributing country of CDM project after China. This data on carbon sequestration will be a new dimension for conservation point of view and revitalize traditional ecosystem. The mean above and below ground organic carbon (tones/tree) and total organic carbon of each species were calculated. The calculated total organic carbon has been compared with allometric model.

Key words:-

Carbon sequestration, sacred grove biomass, allometric model.

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