Community involvement in sustainable management of village common land in Bundi district in Rajasthan

S. E. Pawar, M. S. Nadoda


Common land in villages in India, often referred to as

Common Property Resources (CPRs), plays a crucial role in sustaining and enhancing the livelihoods of rural poor by ensuring a wide variety of essentials like food, fodder, manure, medicinal herbs etc. (Jabir Ali, 2007). In India, there is high dependency on CPRs for feed and fodder for the livestock sector as a sizeable number of livestock rearing families belong to landless, marginal and small land holding categories who are extremely poor. Again, a number of studies indicate that the area under CPRs has declined in most parts of the country due to several reasons thereby increasing the pressure on the available CPRs (Jodha, 1990). Hence, sustainable management and development of common lands becomes a crucial component in poverty alleviation.

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