Understanding evolution of sustainability as a concept in the context of Indian and global economic reforms

Ms.Shilpa Kulkarni, Dr. Prakash Rao


Understanding environmental sustainability has various shades .Sustainability as a definition was first coined by Brundtland commission on sustainable development in1987. According to this report sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The political and the economic pressures on government translate into setting policies and mandates for improving environmental policies across the globe. Sustainability Indices like environmental Sustainability index, Dow Jones Index, Global Reporting initiative (GRI) guidelines have emerged in recent times to measure sustainability efforts by individuals,organizations, business and industry. Initiatives for sustainable development are now viewed as one of the key performance measures for most of the organizations. The cumulative effect of these regulations and compliances has resulted into a diverse understanding of environmental sustainability.

As new and emerging sustainable technologies appear on the scene, it is apparent that the understanding of the sustainability will take new definition. This paper discusses the development of sustainability definitions with respect to socio economic aspects, geographies, industry, technology and international organizations. The paper also traces the evolution of sustainability as a concept chronologically from 1987 till date.

The paper also analyses and suggests the possible definition of sustainability in the Indian context in light of recent reforms and policy initiatives. The paper concludes with a comparison of sustainability understanding across the world in the context of the current global economic scenario.


: sustainability, social aspects, technology, geographies, policy, sustainability index, concept.

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