Sustainable Development through Technology Transfer in Backward Districts of Maharashtra

Kakade B. K., Karmarkar P. P., Patil S. M., Mandalkar M. K., Patil N. B., Kadao S. H.


National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) is being implemented in five backward districts of Maharashtra with an objective to develop replicable and holistic approach for promoting sustainable livelihood for tribal and remote areas of Maharashtra through integration and blending of tested technologies and strategies of family focused and area based programmes. Project is implemented in 10 clusters of five backward districts. The issues identified in situation analysis were low productivity of agriculture and livestock, lack of irrigation facilities and hence people had to migrate seasonally in the absence of availability of year round employment.

To address these issues, a package of interventions was developed with participation of people comprising of appropriate technologies, forward and backward linkages and creation of necessary facilities. The major interventions planned were improved agriculture and tree based farming, livestock development, water resource development and forest based interventions. Participant communities were empowered to improve their socio economic conditions and quality of life through adoption of improved livelihood practices. The paper focuses on the sustainable livelihood approach evolved through the project which is based on effective transfer of technologies.

The approach is further refined through focusing on to stablish value chains in order to provide end to end access for livelihood opportunities. Formation and strengthening of Technology Transfer Center and capacity building of people for its management was a part and parcel of the process to ensure sustainability. A fund is established through monitory contribution by the people for post project management of the centers. The paper presents a case of Mandane cluster in Nandurbar district for sustainable development through technology transfer centre.

Key Words: backward, cluster, development, livelihood, technology transfer, sustainability, value chain

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