Education of Tribal Women in India: Opportunities and Challenges

Geetanjali Dutta


For the development of a society, there is the need of an inclusive progress of all the sections of the society, and for this perspective, it is imperative to bring the deprived, marginalized and weaker sections of the society such as tribal women to the forefront of educational revolution in India. This is important for equitable growth of human resources and overall development of the nation. Education imparts knowledge, knowledge of self and infuses a sense of confidence, courage and ability among the tribal women to know and overcome their problems associated with exploitation and to avail socio-economic and political opportunities extended to them. Although there is a significant increase in the literacy of population of all categories in India, the tribal women are far behind from the national increase, both in terms of national average and women literacy. Despite the opportunities, special initiatives and care by the government for tribal education, the achievement of tribal women education is not as per expectations due to several factors. Hence, problems associated with education of tribal women needs immediate attention and early resolution. The tribal women education, being a distinct discipline with different socio-cultural fabrics and hardships, needs to be analyzed distinctively to find out the hard realities the tribal women face in their educational advancement.

Objectives of study:

1) To analyse opportunities and problems associated with tribal women


To critically evaluate government policies and approaches on tribal education;education;


To prepare roadmap, and possible intervention to promote education among tribal women in India.

Key Words: Opportunity, Poverty, Attitude, Communication, Wastage, Stagnation and Intervention.

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