Indresh Vikram Singh


SME sector is considered to be an engine growth for the India due to its contribution in income generation, GDP growth, and export of the products, which is very helpful in inclusive and sustainable growth of India. Small scale and cottage industry differs from large scales industry in terms of products, price, distribution and marketing of the product. The popularity of small scales and cottage industry is growing at a very high pace in India even through the current economic downturn. The opportunity to develop in this field is very high compared to large scale and has humongous opportunity to grow bigger and better in the future. This paper would look into the aspects of cottage industry*s contribution towards growth and employment resulting in economic development in India. The objective of the study is to understand, how to market small scales and cottage industry's products in India. In this field, while technological knowledge is a need, the skills are must, which is designed to remove the poverty and backwardness of the rural people . It is very important for the government to take a big

Keywords: SME, Cottage Industry, Marketing, Branding, Employment, Growth.

decision to provide financial support for SME. In this paper, the focus is on understanding marketing practices of the products from these industries and how they build their brand with the compared to large scale industry.

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