Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Growth: Journey of Larsen & Toubro Public Charitable Trust

Ramchandra Prabhakar Deshpande


Unemployment, Poverty, Inadequate water, Lack of meaningful education useful for making students employable and access to affordable health services are seen as the major hurdles in the path of inclusive and sustainable growth of India.

The government has been pouring in monitory and other resources during the last 12 Five Year plans. It has shown good results in certain areas like productions of food grains and milk, eye-catching progress in sectors like housing, automobile and IT Industry, spread of educational institutes, Hospitals and clinics...... but nobody can say with any degree of confidence that any single aspect of the life of a common Indian citizen has got rid of all the problems and the people are leading a happy life.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the government or the ever growing number of NGOs, despite wholehearted support from the scientists, technocrats and funding agencies to single-handedly solve any one of the problems faced by the people leave alone the dream of a totally happy and prosperous India.

It was decided by the Board of Trustees that the Trust would synergize efforts being put in by the selected NGO partners and knowledge/financial support from L&T. Apart from NGOs and the Trust there are also other players involved in the process of Social Development like various Departments of Government and Individuals, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Parent Teacher Associations, Various Research Institutes, Colleges of Social Work and eminent social work Practitioners.

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