Sustain “Inclusivity” to Include “Sustainability”

Mr. Aakash Kishan, Mr. Raunak Gattani, Mr. Sankalp Sharma


India’s journey from 3.5 to 9.4 in 30 years has signified its development in every field. India is now under few nations in terms of emerging economic power. But do you think India has achieved everything? The answer to this question is an obvious NO which can be justified in terms of growing disparity, inequality and widening gaps between two classes of people.

No doubt, growth is efficient but ‘Inclusive growth’ is effective. This term includes everything from rich to poor, from urban to rural, from developed to underdeveloped and from elite to grassroots. To achieve Inclusive growth we must take some definite steps like focusing on economically backward states, effective use of technology, uplifting the deprived sections of the society, minorities, and women.

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